Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A World Of Fail

Amity Shlaes discusses Alan Greenspan and Atlas Shrugged: The Movie! The only thing missing is Shales watching the movie on a Betamax while drinking a New Coke.


Substance McGravitas said...

Greenspan posits that failure by companies to choose to raise levels of such investment since 2008 is evidence of their concern about an unpredictable and overly activist federal government. U.S. policy makers are still using suspect models to plan and forecast, he says.

So, uh, still using, say, GREENSPAN'S FUCKING SHIT MODELS?

Susan of Texas said...

No, using Ayn Rand's models!

It is possible that Rand is responsible for a tremendous amount of hidden damage that is just now coming into fuition. She gave people permission to be selfish and greedy, something that our supposedly Christian society has always felt the pressure to hide.

I guess we'll just have to destroy Objectivism. Take down Rand, take out her idiotic and immoral philosophy, and make all her little fanboys and girls cry.

Mr. Wonderful said...

As someone who has read Atlas once and is closely reading it again while writing a parody of it, I can say without fear of contradiction that anyone who takes a word of that monstrosity seriously is a world-class idiot and may be safely ignored in all matters.

Using it to support statements by the fundamentally-wrong, disgraced, and eternally discredited Greenspan is like asking one lunatic asylum's resident for character references for another.

BillCinSD said...

I don't see why Schlaes would care what Greenspan thinks. By her reasoning he was unemployed from 1987-2006, so he probably lost all his skills.