Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Veruca Salt Speaks

After telling everyone to vote strategically to get her boy Marco Rubio into the White House, Megan McArdle is not best pleased that people want to vote strategically to get their person in office.

The link says:

 Democrat in Ohio tells he & 172 other Ds in his county voting for Trump today to divide GOP. Will vote Hillary/Bernie in November.

Yes, she finds it perfectly natural to become upset when other people do what she herself does. If Megan wants it, she should have it. If you want it, she should still have it. Like the Koches, she thinks everything in the world belongs to her by right of birth. Some people think they are better than others, that other people are trash.

We see this in McArdle's attitudes towards the poor, towards Blacks, towards anyone that isn't just like her or can't make her richer or more famous. Richer people are better, more moral, harder working, smarter. Of course it's a lie. McArdle is stupid, greedy and vain and she's going to be rich as soon as she can squeeze enough money out of billionaires. All she has to do is sell her soul and sell out her countrymen.


OBS said...

All she has to do is sell her soul

That would require first having a soul to sell. I see no evidence of that.

Susan of Texas said...

Very true.