Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, March 18, 2016

Why Do You Hate Us Oh Lord

Shorter Megan McArdle: My husband is a child.
Shorter Me: TMI


rjs said...

truly amazing what drivel she gets paid to write...

Anonymous said...

The whole thing was really embarrassing, bit I couldn't get past her reason for abandoning veganism. She was a vegan, but she started eating meat because soy made her ill? That makes no sense at all. Vegans aren't required to eat soy.

Mike from Oak Park said...

Jolly mean thing to write about your spouse, isn't it? But that's our Megan. Me?,
I'd be really pissed if someone wrote something like that about me, but I guess Peter's a better man than I am.

cynic said...

As always, Megan demonstrates the masterful art of describing an entire class of people with a sample of ONE.

Susan of Texas said...

Anon-heh, her readers tried to tell her that but she ignored them. McArdle told them she tries to buy humanely killed meat but it's usually too difficult. She also told them that she shops at Trader Joe's, which sells humanely killed meat. It's very important to her that she win every conversation so she says whatever it takes to win.

Mike-Peter is her "soulmate," according to McArdle, someone like like her in almost every way. No doubt when she's done those little differences will be smoothed away, so to speak.

Cynic-McArdle is the center of the universe, after all.

Smut Clyde said...

Jolly mean thing to write about your spouse, isn't it?

He will understand that it's only personal, he'll do the same for her when the job calls for it.

cynic said...

Poor Ross Douthat!

His unrequited love for Paul Ryan reduces him to begging as only a true authoritarian searching for the one true authority can.

I guess a shorter is in order:
"Jack Kemp's theories were all wrong which is why we need his spiritual son Paul Ryan to deliver us from Trump"

Susan of Texas said...

Ha! I saw this was coming and here it is: Ross Douthat pouring poison into the ears of his followers. People are practicing "white identity politics" instead of demanding help to alleviate their poverty.

The right is deliberately erasing the color line in politics to keep the poor from revolting. They are using the same words for white poor as minority poor and since words are all the right has, that is guaranteed to enrage the whites.

Ross, Ross, Ross. You are signing the death warrant to your career.

Go for it!

Clever Pseudonym said...

It's truly annoying when Megan writes on how passionate she is about food and then proceeds to demonstrate her complete ignorance on the subject. Her vegan stage was particularly grating, when her readers finally started gently explaining to her that nobody gives a crap what she eats. Her response was to scold them for feeling guilty that their own diets, which she presumably was aware of, suffered them guilt over her choices as a superior human being.

And her advice here Is as stupid and self-centered as her gift guides. Personally, my response to a picky eater would be "then make your own damn dinner," not packing on dozens of pounds to accomodate them.

Susan of Texas said...

The whole concept of an adult "picky eater" is ridiculous. He's an adult, if he refuses to eat anything new so what? She's not his mother.

Just as you say, if he doesn't like what she cooks, he can cook what he wants, for himself or them both. She can cook what she likes and maybe he'll taste it, maybe he won't, who cares?

I suspect she's very controlling, based on the way she talks about their money/household negotiations.

Clever Pseudonym said...

My favorite part is when she advised not to try and sneak things in that someone doesn't like. "Your spouse is not a toddler." Picky eating, aversion to trying new things, expecting your personal tastes and desires to be bowed to by those around you? The very definition of toddler.

Besides, it's dumb advice. When I worked in catering, parents were constantly asking me to come up with ways to trick their children into eating foods they'd otherwise fuss about. My specialty was making sushi that looked like little pandas. Most of the kids ended up loving them, when they'd otherwise gag at the traditional rolled variety.