Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, October 24, 2008

Girl Crush

Do you remember girl crushes from junior high, when you saw another girl who seemed so cool and successful that you actually wanted to be her, from her hairstyle to her politics?

Neither do I, but evidently Moanin' Charen does.

Yes the figure of $150,000 is eye-popping, but don't forget it that it included the whole Palin clan. And finally, I cannot escape the suspicion that one reason everyone is so exercised (other than the obvious, i.e. that she's a Republican) is that she is so gorgeous in those clothes. There is simply no other woman in political life to match her. The green-eyed monster strikes! [My bolding-S/T]

Isn't that sweet, in a slightly creepy way, as Jonah Goldberg would say? Palin is the prettiest, coolest girl ever, and Charen, with her spare frame and sensible haircut, is in looooove.

And people in love do foolish things, such as tell America that they just ponied up their donations to the Republican party to buy expensive maternity dresses for teenaged Bristol Palin.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's more like Single White Female: imitative adoration turns to psychotic fury when the object of her affection doesn't do exactly what Mona (and the rest of the slavering crew) wants.

Violent affections have a way of turning, well, violent when they're disappointed.

Susan of Texas said...

If they can pin McCain's loss on Palin there will be an orgy of Mean Girls behavior.

That would be so funny.