Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Less Tall Megan

Throw the Christians to the lions.

Bonus Megan:

We sent the Republican party a message that we couldn't be taken for granted.

How? Libertarians think you can get rich by getting rid of the government. The rich know you get richer by using the government. It is the height of naivete to think the government will go away or the rich won't do what they want to do. That is why Libertarians are powerless.

Persons have a right to be protected against the initiation of force, and libertarianism has no basic principles that answer the question of when personhood begins.

For the billionth time--it's not a question of personhood. It is a question of who gets to make the decision to abort or not abort--the individual or the state, as libertarians like to put it. This implied omission/lie is obfuscation to give McArdle wiggle room to jump to whichever side is politically expedient at a moment's notice. She's an opportunistic coward.

I don't share the libertarian confidence that we are going to achieve massive new affirmative steps in our direction; a lot of the things we want, like a simpler tax code and privatized social security, are actually issues that the Republican leadership agrees with us on, and the greater American public does not.

You just lost the down payment for your house in the stock market. And you still want to invest your social security in the stock market. You are a very, very stupid woman.


Anonymous said...

A very stupid woman who cannot even assemble a box, as she's recently informed her readers, who are no doubt fascinated by this.

This is what the Atlantic has become? Megan talking about a box she bought at Ikea?

Anonymous said...

a lot of the things we want, like a simpler tax code

She'll want that right up to the moment when she realizes (too late, as is her wont) that she can't deduct her employee travel expenses any more or that capital gains are "simply" taxed as regular income.

Only libertarian lulus think that it is even POSSIBLE to have a "simple" tax code.

Simple is, the saying goes, as simple does.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was supposed to be an economist. As a sound, practical retirement plan, sticking your SS funds into today's market ranks just below stealing a leprechaun's pot of gold.

Susan of Texas said...

I have to wonder what financial information she's reading, if any.

And didn't she say that people shouldn't look at their portfolio if they won't need it for a long time?

Her own hackdom is hurting her financially. It's almost funny.

spencer said...

No, it's actually funny. Not "almost."

Susan of Texas said...

I'm waiting until she buys her house and then the Altantic because Bradley lost too much money in the Bush economy.

Now that's comedy!

Susan of Texas said...

"Atlantic folds"