Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best and Brightest

The future of the conservative party:

Roger L. Simon whines about being ignored by the New York Times. He writes a book whining about being ignored, and then whines that the book is ignored. Next up: Simon whines that his whining about his book about whining about being ignored is being ignored.

Instapundit links to Megan McArdle and David Drezner's Bloggerheads about "the coming global recession." The video is fact-and insight-free, and you have to look at McArdle preen and little David Drezner pontificate. It's just sad. It's like watching a Great Dane and Boston Terrier try to discuss Sartre, and makes just as much sense.

Rich Lowry beats his chest in despair, saying that the United States as we know it will end unless all immigrants abandon their own culture for White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture. I certainly hope Mark Steyn doesn't read this, or he'll have Lowry waterboarded for advocating conformity. It's too bad that the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Mayans and many others I don't know about weren't American, or they could have had great civilisations also. Damn shame, that.

Mona Charen feels left out of all the Christ-worship her conservative friends are glorying in, and displaying as ostentatiously as possible, the better to worship the poor babe born in a stable. Hanukkah has lights and special foods and presents and that dreidel song, so there, says Charen. It's can't be easy to be Jewish among people who consider Christmas a chance to rub it in that they belong to the dominant religious group in the US.

My own private Jesus says grow a spine, for the shit is about to hit the fan and only the people who know how to think, laugh, love and dream will survive.


Anonymous said...

Hi--I just found this site and really like it. But for accuracy's sake the guy's name is Dan Drezner, not David Drezner.

Susan of Texas said...

Woops, thanks.