Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jesus Thinks You're Stupid

Shorter Rod Dreher: What have I done to my fellow man, that they persecute me for persecuting my fellow man? Will the madness never end?

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Susan of Texas said...

God helps those who help themselves to others' money. I think it's in the Bible.

Besides, why would fundamentalist Christians want to be philosophers? They already know the answer to everything--God. One size fits all.

It's just so predictable. "I" feel like a victim because of abuse/fear/brainwashing/arrogance---you name it. Since I refuse to accept the real source of my fear, I must find another source. You there, you look different, the way I feel different deep inside. You'll do." Slap a coat of God on it and you're raking in the dough while feeling holy enough to castigate others' "sins."

It's a darn good thing that hypocrisy and pandering are funny. I don't know how we'd get through this otherwise.