Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Every post of Megan McArdle's today reveals nothing new about the Bush (ka)Boom and everything about Megan, who obviously is fuming at being criticized and being unable to neutralize the criticisms. Poor, persecuted Megan thinks the world is shrill.


Anonymous said...

...a very complicated discussion I'm not prepared to have right now.

I believe it's the first time Megan wrote something I agree with, although I'd drop "right now" entirely and put in something along the lines of "ever." It's cute, though, how she constantly admits that she is unable to argue certain topics or that she doesn't know the answers to various economic, historical, and social questions and yet she still gets paid for a job that should involve research...and by "cute", of course, I mean "infuriating."

And in the same post I couldn't help but pick up on the tone with which she mentioned historians being paid to record the oral histories of sharecroppers under the New Deal. It's proof enough for just how insignificant and irrelevant she considers the issues and concerns of the "lower classes."

Righteous Bubba said...

She's less chummy than Jonah, but way less oblivious to the failure of an argument. A sad combination.

Susan of Texas said...

It's hard to picture a world in which Jonah's sharper than McArdle.

Megan should outsource her writing. It would be better for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Megan should outsource her writing. It would be better for everyone involved.

Except that her role is to be "better" for SOME people, not everyone.

Besides, think about it...would even the most craven work-for-hire be able to stomach working her particular room?

I'm pretty good at fiction, but even my imagination couldn't produce a "believable" or "moral" Megan.