Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trying To Stay Awake

Let's see, what do we have here?

Megan pretends to be populist. Megan, lawyers have to pay money out to present a case. The judge's action was attention-getting--you sure fell for it--but stupid.

Megan finds an excuse to call Obama corrupt.

Megan continues her futile support for Bush's disastrous and illegal pre-emptive war. She'll never let this go because her fragile ego won't let her. A million lives destroyed, two million--who cares? What matters is that everyone thinks Megan's right.

Megan persists in supporting the efficacy of tax cuts in stimulating an economy. Kissing rich ass isn't just a job with her, it's a way of life.

Megan drools at the thought of deflation letting her buy more useless crap. After all, it's not like newspapers, magazines and webzines are going out of business right and left. Megan is safe just as long as David Bradley still gets a thrill from owing the Atlantic.

Megan reports on Wal-Mat's success. She approves of Wal-Mart because they treat their workers like crap and to her working men and women are scum.

Megan sneers at what she says liberals are thinking. She drools again, at the thought of Obama becoming as unpopular as Bush. Spiteful thing.

Megan complains that Congress has perks and nobody's complaining, but businessmen are criticized for their perks. It must be hard to bend over and kiss ass from that height.

Megan reports on Costo's lower revenue. She doesn't approve of Costco because they don't treat their workers like crap, and Megan thinks that's a mistake.

Megan returns to the Iraq Body Count well, because she got a lot of flack for her attempts to minimize Iraqi deaths and she can't stand for people to tell her she's wrong.

It just goes on and on. It's a lousy way to make a living. There's no creativity in finding new ways to recite talking points, no satisfaction in supporting failure. No intellectual achievement in analyzing the world through an ideological lens. No art or grace in constant justifications and excuses. It's just sad and depressing. Thank god she'll be forgotten when this era is over.


bjkeefe said...

Megan applies the soft bigotry of low expectations to herself, saying about her own tax cut idea:

It's certainly no stupider than many of the suggestions I've heard for curing this crisis.

And really, how many is "many?" I'll agree it's not quite as stupid as printing money and dropping it from helicopters, doing nothing but praying, and invading another country and stealing all their loot. Is three bad ideas "many?"

Susan of Texas said...

It is in my book. Supply-side theories, trickle down, Laffer curve, derivitives, no regulation, bailouts--that's a lot of bad ideas right there.

Add on the neglect of the country and its people's welfare, our killing sprees abroad, and top it off with arrogance and fear-mongering.

Gosh, the last eight years were fun.