Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More McArdle Dishonesty

There's nothing to do here but point out that some of Megan McArdle's commenters correct her errors, lies and misdirection again. My work is done for me, but as always I want to point out McArdle's bad manners and lack of class, upper or lower.

How DARE I claim that stimulus spending didn't get us out of the Great Depression? GDP growth was really, really high under FDR!!!

Megan McArdle, B.A., MBA, writes like a junior high girl with an attitude problem. Capitals? Multiple exclamation point? Please. It's embarrassing. And she's supposed to be one of our finest public intellectuals?

The Bush years are over. Having conservative opinions and a pulse are no longer enough to be taken seriously.


Anonymous said...

At this point, I think she's got more people piling on her or calling her out for her regular mistakes than she does fans of her work. I've noticed when she does her Blogginheads stuff, the people who criticize her outnumber supporters around two to one. It's almost sad.

Susan of Texas said...

It is unsettling, but the alternative is worse--watching her become a public intellectual like Jonah Goldberg. If many people don't point out how and why these pundits are wrong, everyone else will assume the pundit is right and to be respected.