Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Number of Megan McArdle posts savoring the fall of ACORN: 3

Number of posts decrying the murder of a census taker: 0

I'm not sure why an economics writer is discussing ACORN at all. But since the right is whipping up hysteria about ACORN and its assistance in recruiting census takers and a census worker was lynched with the word "FED" on his chest, it would only be equitable and fair--and wise--to point out the consequences of that hysteria.

I won't hold my breath.

Speaking of consequences, I see that yet another person has died for lack of health care. But she was young, and Megan McArdle has said that young people don't need health care, so I guess she can just ignore that person's death as well.

No wonder she can't sleep at night.

UPDATE: McArdle posts on the killed census worker, to say that it's unlikely he was killed by a right-winger because they have nothing against the census.

She's paid to be a "journalist," by the way.


Mr. Wonderful said...

"Here's something else that mystifies me: the progressive derision for Viagra."

WTF is she talking about? Why wasn't I told progressives deride Viagra? What else don't I know?

Susan of Texas said...

Evidently we deride insurance coverage of Viagra because it's for sex for men, while women's contraception isn't covered. Except it is.

Men who take blood pressure medicine are often given prescriptions for Viagra because less blood pressure means they need it. McArdle doesn't think of that--we're supposed to hate men, or something? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

"She's paid to be a "journalist," by the way."

Thank god. Can you imagine if she brought her level of competence to something like being a surgeon or a city planner where real damage could be done? Let's be glad all she can do is provide amusement for everyone to comment on.

clever pseudonym said...

No need to worry on that count; she's far to lazy to put in the effort and years to qualify for those jobs.

riffle said...

"'s unlikely he was killed by a right-winger because they have nothing against the census. "

She really should go live in some of the more isolated areas of Appalachia for a few months. She's quickly find out what they have "nothing against."

I'll give her this -- they're more Libertarian than she is. But a lot of them are on public assistance, Social Security and Medicare.

Of course, there are many fine people there.