Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, September 14, 2009

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Megan and Peter have a family reunion. Photo via The Quaker Agitator

The tea-bagger protests have emboldened our Megan McArdle, who crows to her audience that Democrats are going down, baby. Any day now the Right will resume their rightful place in the world, which is everywhere, and the wingnut welfare will start to flow again, trickling down into the right pockets. Then the Right can go back to ignoring the embarrassing crazies that they're otherwise obliged to support.

It's all very boring but for one thing: McArdle is a little less quick than she has been lie in the service of her masters. Now protests "rarely" work instead of never, and McArdle finally remembers the successful Civil Rights protests. True, these tea-baggers are protesting the helping of other people, but this is the Right so what can you do? You have to protest with the tea-baggers you have, not the tea-baggers you want to have.

Glenn Greenwald does a wonderful job of explaining how the tea-baggers are harming themselves, supporting the elite who stole their future and attacking the powerless who have done nothing to them but exist. This event was entirely predictable; the elite made sure they pointed their victims at each other and then pulled the trigger. During the amusing fracas they walked away with the cash, to McArdle's approval. And the tea-baggers are still waving their guns around, never even noticing when they shoot themselves in the ass.

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