Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, September 10, 2009

To Tired To Post Shorters

Here's a few comments on Megan McArdle's latest efforts:
I think predicting how these things are going to play out in the news cycle is a generally unrewarding task.
Then why did you write an entire post on it?

Byron York notes that Obama started talking about 30 million uninsured citizens tonight, rather than 47 million "people in this country". The question is, why? Politicians don't usually underplay their most dramatic statistic.
I stopped reading at "Byron York."
Mickey Kaus liked the speech better than I did, but wonders about this...
I stopped reading at "Micky Kaus."
Most people have a couple of key issues they care about. But few of them want to tell pollsters that no, they really don't much care what's happening in Afghanistan. So you get nonsense like this. The relative numbers matter--people clearly do care about health care and the budget deficit more than Afghanistan. But the absolute numbers are nearly worthless.
Now that McArdle can no longer rejoice in killing foreigners and imagine liberal protesters being beaten, she no longer cares about the wars she used to cheer-lead. Too bad our military families can't say the same.

McArdle's posts on health care.Why should I read the analysis of someone who lies to us about health care?

Teachers should get merit pay.Why should I listen to someone who unknowingly shills for people like the Waltons, who want education privatized so they don't have to pay education (property) taxes?

Merit pay: McArdle is fine with being nickled and dimed to death to pay bankers' bonuses. You should be too!

"Mental Illness Break"--Which one is it, a break from mental illness or being broken down and becoming mentally ill? Either works for me. Also, I do not understand why McArdle would post on such a subject, except to run up hits for her boyfriend's magazine.


Downpuppy said...

When I see Mickey Kaus mentioned I hit Ctrl + F & search term "goat"

There weren't any, so yes, the entire days output could easily be skipped.

Susan of Texas said...

He doesn't kiss and tell.

clever pseudonym said...

I do not understand why McArdle would post on such a subject

Probably to snort at the insenstivity of the original article, which is hypocritical, considering the number of times she's made flippant remarks in regards to the downtrodden or dead. That sort of thing is only okay when SHE does it.

Susan of Texas said...

You're absolutely right.