Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Blessed Relief

Ohthankgod, Megan McArdle has stopped blogging about economics. I'm thrilled for her. Finally she has realized her limitations and has accepted her path in life, to give womanly moralizing lectures to her flock and concern troll the left. No doubt she out buying skirts that go below the knees and pill-box hats as we speak.

Roman Polanski has been arrested on his 32-year old statutory rape charge and is scheduled for deportation to the United States.


The French, too, have forgiven him of course....You would think we'd busted him for unpaid parking tickets. The guy drugged a thirteen year old girl in order to rape her. Perhaps the French have some sophisticated, European point of view on these things that I, with my puritan ancestry, simply cannot rise to. [my bold]
Miss Megan McArdle, Irish Catholic daughter of immigrants, most of whom fled the potato famine in the 1840s or came over in a great wave at the turn of the century, who would have been looked down upon as a dirty, Popish Johnny-Come-Lately by the Protestants who had been in America for generations, hearkens back to her fake-Puritan ancestry to declare that Europe is too sophisticated and European and immoral and therefore offends her deep, moral, fake-Puritan soul. Why not Catholic morality? Is that not hip enough for her?

BREAKING!: Damn! I spoke too soon.

Shorter Miss Megan Mary Margaret O'Leary McArdle: The FHA is to blame for the economic crash.


Downpuppy said...

A crooked operator who got busted becomes her source for why regulation is bad.

Of course.

Susan of Texas said...

She only trusts the best.

riffle said...

Does she really elsewhere claim Puritan ancestry, to which she's referring here? Or does she mean 80% puritanical "hypothetically?"

Or does she thing "puritan" means anyone from the British Empire before 1950?

We know she doesn't know economics. Does she know her own ancestry, at least?

Susan of Texas said...

I imagine she sees herself as an honorary Puritan because she find child molestation horrible, unlike the French.

I'd love to see her say this to a bunch of French people. And I hope for her sake that she's not planning to go to Paris for her honeymoon. No doubt she'll go someplace more acceptable to libertarians. I suggest Zimbabwe.

clever pseudonym said...

"We're doing this pour encourager les autres."

Apparently, Roman Polanski has been arrested to encourage more middle-aged men to drug and rape young teenagers. I believe d├ęcourager is the word Megan was looking for.

Susan of Texas said...

I'm pretty sure she has mangled every single foreign phrase she's ever used.

clever pseudonym said...

Megs writes in the comments of the Polanski post:

"He's the French culture minister, not a private citizen. Moreover, the French government has refused to extradite him [who, the French Culture Minister?], which seems to indicate that the French have forgiven him . . ."

How can someone this [beep] ignorant be a paid pundit? No, refusing to extradite a CITIZEN of your country does not mean they're "forgiven." Some idiot brought up Ira Einhorn ("well, if they'll protect a murderer..."). Give me a break. Ira Einhorn was reviled in France. The problem was that the state of Pennsylvania, where Einhorn was tried in absentia, had a law that stated anyone charged with a crime who flees before trial and is convicted forgoes the right to appeal that conviction. French law stated that anyone tried in absentia who was not allowed an appeal where they could be present at their trial could not be extradited. With those two laws conflicting, the French COULD NOT extradite Einhorn, no matter how much they wanted to get rid of the scumbag. Pennsylvania law was later changed specifically to accommodate this case and, once promised that Einhorn would be re-tried and not receive the death penalty, the French extradited him IMMEDIATELY.

Heaven forbid anyone bother to find this stuff out before brushing an entire country of people with the same stroke.

Doctor D said...

The use of "pour encourager les autres" that way is pretty much standard at this point. Smushing "down payment" into one word, on the other hand, is annoying as hell.