Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Broken Heel

Bwahahaha. Matt Taibbi points out a few facts to Mr. and Mrs. American Tea-Bagger.

What the people who are flipping out about the treatment of Palin should be asking themselves is what it means when it’s not just jerks like us [in the media] but everybody piling on against Palin. For those of you who can’t connect the dots, I’ll tell you what it means. It means she’s been cut loose. It means that all five of the families have given the okay to this hit job, including even the mainstream Republican leaders. You teabaggers are in the process of being marginalized by your own ostensible party leaders in exactly the same way the anti-war crowd was abandoned by the Democratic party elders in the earlier part of this decade. Like the antiwar left, you have been deemed a threat to your own party’s “winnability.”

And do you know what that means? That means that just as the antiwar crowd spent years being painted by the national press as weepy, unpatriotic pussies whose enthusiastic support is toxic to any serious presidential aspirant, so too will all of you afternoon-radio ignoramuses who seem bent on spending the next three years kicking and screaming your way up the eternal asshole of white resentment now find yourself and your political champions painted as knee-jerk loonies whose rabid irrationality is undeserving of the political center. And yes, that’s me saying that, but I’ve always been saying that, not just about Palin but about George Bush and all your other moron-heroes.

What’s different now is who else is saying it. You had these people eating out of the palms of your hands (remember what it was like in the Dixie Chicks days?). Now they’re all drawing horns and Groucho mustaches on your heroes, and rapidly transitioning you from your previous political kingmaking role in the real world to a new role as a giant captive entertainment demographic that exists solely to be manipulated for ratings and ad revenue. What you should be asking yourself is why this is happening to you. Even I don’t know the answer to that question, but honestly, I don’t really care. All I know is that I find it extremely funny.

I think Palin will be used like the tea-baggers--as needed, for a specific goal--but this stage of the game is, indeed, pretty damn funny.


aimai said...

That is hysterical, susan! great minds think alike! I'm overwriting over at SteveM's because I feel obligated to keep the site moving. But I should be working on my &^%$# thanksgiving which, like all thanksgivings, involves mass cooking and cleaning for 18 people followed by one person after another getting sick and needing the utmost personal care from me, demanding changes in the menu for their various food fetishes, and then not coming because they are sick. Jeezus, I'm not even the apical female ancestor.


Susan of Texas said...

Our families are spread out all over the country so our dinner will be small and very managable. Good luck and I hope you have fun!