Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Less Thoughtful Megan McArdle

Less Citified Megan: Farmers are hard-working people who wrestle with the plow and milk the cows and who deserve their welfare subsidies, unlike the poor, who are lazy. What? Industrial agriculture? Never heard of it.

More Yankee Megan: Southerners should shut up and let the more cultured, sophisticated Northerners take the lead in politics.

Public Teat Megan: New York public works, paid for with tax-payer dollars, help the economy. although otherwise the government should stay out of our economy. Yes, my daddy was a lobbyist for the New York construction industry. Why do you ask?


Clever Pseudonym said...

movertypeguy shows up in the comments of the Yankee post and says legalized abortion is genocide against blacks.

No, really. He does. Ignore your "always trust the shorter and don't click through" instincts and go and see for yourself, folks. It's astounding.

Susan of Texas said...

And we're back to asking if you're on some kind of exotic pharmaceuticals... or were perhaps dropped on your head as an infant. Repeatedly.


freq flag said...

Y'know, if you ever really had a mind to (though I wouldn't recommend it), you might just get to wondering how Rand would have "explained" (i.e. come up with a pathetically juvenile cover story for) the whole concept of agricultural production in terms of the Shrugging Galtians. I mean, how does an oh-so-superior super-producer account for the fact that the rural sub-population of North American parasites produces enough food to feed the entire planet (in REAL LIFE, that is...without the benefit of Hank Reardon's SuperSteel, patent pending)?

Hey, and speaking of patents, I wonder who the hell she thought protected Reardon's (fictional) patents and her (real-life) copyrights? Some uber-judge holed up in Galt's Gulch?

OK, that's enough for now. The dead fish are starting to overflow the sides of the barrel...