Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Death Panel

Once again, Megan McArdle's commenters do the hard work of refuting her absurd claims, saving me the effort. McArdle hysterically claims that Medicare will bankrupt the US, Medicare can never cut costs, health care reform can never cut costs, and the US is headed towards bankruptcy no matter what. Several links and WTF?s later, McArdle's argument lay slowing bleeding to death, calling for its Mother.


bulbul said...

Check out this fucker:
"The current health care reform bills are pretty close to socialism. The state will own & control the means for paying for most health care."
This is an almost perfect piece of bullshit, a true gem of bulshittery. I especially admire the phrase "means for paying". What a lovely faux Marxist term!

Susan of Texas said...

The state can have the means for paying for health care.

I am amazed that the older, heavily voting block of Americans hasn't just stormed Washington demading to be deprived of Medicare. How they must suffer under its yoke.