Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shouldn't You Be Home Baking Cookies, Honey?

Kathryn Jean Lopez sez that it's the fault of the feminists that a Muslim American shot up Fort Hood.
'Has ... political correctness so infected our institutions that the U.S. military is now affected, too?' [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
I think an answer to that may be: We were warned. We were warned by Elaine Donnelly (and others, including Kate O'Beirne, who served on the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services in the early Nineties), on the feminism issues. It is diversity over security in some of the decision-making in the military. It's become an ingrained cultural reality when it comes to women there (women to be deployed on subs soon, BTW). I think it might be fair to say these issues are not unrelated.

I think Lopez should quit her job and go home and have babies, if she can dredge up a man to provide God's Sacred Sperm. The sight of a woman pundit telling women they shouldn't be treated with equality is pretty damn odd. If she really felt so strongly about it she'd give up her job and let a man take her place. She won't give up equality when it benefits her, so why should anyone else? Put up or shut up, K-Lo. Either way we'd win.


Kathy said...

It's even stupider when you know that it was a woman policewoman who stopped the shootings.

Anyhow the shooter was obviously insane. His motives had nothing to do with women's issues. He snapped under intolerable stress.

KatLoad should be told that not everyone can deal with their terrors and troubles by eating a half gallon of ice cream with chocolate AND caramel sauce.

Susan of Texas said...

She has a video up at the Corner and I think she's slimmed down a little bit. She's still just as stupid, though.