Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, November 13, 2009


In "Public Service Announcement," Megan McArdle advertises Doctor Who, for sale on Amazon. I'm more of a Star Trek/Stargate woman myself, but to each her own.

Wait a second. I seem to remember something from about a year ago---
Fred October 27, 2008 10:05 AM
Perhaps you should point out you make commission from that [Amazon] link, no?

Megan McArdle October 27, 2008 10:33 AM
I've been completely open about the fact that I use an associates account, Fred; that's where I get the money to buy the books I read. I've also never recommended anything I didn't genuinely love using it. If you'd rather support another blogger by clicking through their associates link, please do.

Completely open if you read her work every day and remember her admission in comments a year ago. But she's very big on journalism ethics, remember.

It's a little thing, but with the holidays coming up, McArdle again might link to many expensive items to buy on Amazon. With complete openness, of course.


Clever Pseudonym said...

When has she been "completely open" about the fact that she stands to make money off of the products she endorses? That link you provided is the only time I've seen her bring it up. If she were truly ethical, she'd mention it every single time she links to something attached to her Amazon account. But Megan's a narcissist who assumes everyone visiting her blog on any given day clings to her every word, so they'd naturally know that she's revealed the potential monetary gains of her endorsements over a year ago. Clueless as ever.

bjuneau565 said...

Layaway? Isn't that something Megan will be doing once she gets married? you know, before her biological clock runs out.

I also noticed her beau's rag is having a beg-a-thon. Because free markets aren't free. Or some such shit.

Anonymous said...

Why, it's the MAGIC OF THE MARKETS!!!S11!Ss

Never mind the deception inherent in the way the good are presented. Megan profits because she, uh, well there's labor involved, in uh, and people vote with, err, something or other, and uh FREE MARKETS and, uh, well, uh,

SHUT UP is why!

Amazing that she's a devoted and principled Glibertarian who has basically profited solely from her family connections, while her "better half" spends his days pounding out nonsensical tracts on the magic of the free markets/beauty of gun ownership while "working" for an enterprise that cannot survive in the very marketplace they both worship.

satch said...

Commenter Jens Fiederer: "...if EVERY SINGLE MENTION(sic)is going to get bogged down with a full disclosure statement, this blog would be less fun to read." Jens is right, actually, if your taste in blogs is a bracing combination of Ann Althouse and The Sharper Image. All she needs is a box of chablis to complete the trifecta.

Anonymous said...

Again with dragging Dr. Who's good name through the mud.

clever pseudonym said...

Bogged down? How are a handful of words being honest in disclosing that Megan will make money off of the sale of goods she is endorsing going to bog down a blog? To not do so assumes everyone that's made their way to her site is a regular reader. I'm figuring many are not. Just because Jens has read the disclosure, doesn't mean *everybody* has.