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Thursday, November 5, 2009

First In The Land, First In Our Hearts

From a society item in the Houston Chronicle, by Heather Staible:
Former first lady Laura Bush provided star power for the Communities in Schools 30th anniversary gala this past Thursday at the Hilton Post Oak, but a high school senior stole the show.

In Houston for only the second time since moving back to Texas, Bush graciously chatted with guests at a V. I. P. reception then received two standing ovations when she entered the ballroom.

Her aged in-laws live in Houston, you know.
During her keynote talk to the chatty crowd of 550, she shared the stage with 18-year-old Brittany Coleman, a Lamar High School student who described how CIS had changed her life and future.

The guests talked all through Bush's speech? It must have been a little less than engrossing.
"It's a Cinderella-type story, and your dreams really can come true," Coleman said. Bush slipped out before the steak dinner was served, but the line to chat with Coleman was four people deep.

From first lady to rotary club wife, in just a year. It's better than she deserves.


freq flag said...

In Houston for only the second time since moving back to Texas

"Oh, Laura how come y'all don't come see us any more like you used to?"

Pickles-on-a-popsicle-stick, it hasn't even been 10 months! How desperately dismal life must be to inspire such a craving for a visit from the photo-op goddess of Helmet Hair and Joker Lipstick.

Mr. Wonderful said...

What the heck is CIS? Commonwealth of Independent States? Cluster ion spectroscopy? Carcinoma in situ?

Christian Something Something?

freq flag said...

"Communities in Schools" I do believe.

Some sort of socialistic, it-takes-a-village, touchy-feely, terrible, horrible, very bad, no-good attempt to improve public education. A total waste of tax revenue, squandered on parasites.