Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blessed Are The Normative

Kathryn Jean Lopez puts aside her thrilling adventures to respond to Barack Obama's Father's Day speech:

Moms and dads matter to children. Children don't always get the mom and the dad and people who lovingly step into the breach are Godsends and should all be celebrated. But the mom and the dad are still the ideal, and for good reasons even social science will back up. Barack Obama could be so powerfully protective of the institution that is at the heart of civilization, in deed and word. Unfortunately, so far he's missing a huge opportunity while he works to transform us into something new (something new which is old, bad news to an increasingly post-Christian and demographically challenged Europe).

Tradition has its benefits.

Good lord, it's dog whistles all through. Evidently Barack Obama is trying to transform our entire society into something that is not Christian or white. Fatherhood (the patriarchy) is under attack and must be deafened at all times, which Obama is not willing to do even though our very survival as a civilization depends on it. And trying to be inclusive towards all kinds of families is wrong, because the only legitimate type of family has a white, Christian mother and father.

"Tradition has its benefits." You bet it does, if you're one of the ruling class. Everyone else is out of luck. Stupid people sometimes accidentally tell the truth, and Lopez could not have more clearly stated her desire to keep and perpetuate her benefits at the expense of others' suffering.


Downpuppy said...

"Benefits" links to an Amgen ad.

I'm not sure about fatherhood being deafened. My nap yesterday afternoon was interrupted, but on the whole the hearing loss is consistent with age & general decay.

Kathy said...

I hope, really do hope, that kathyjean has a couple of kids and that her husband/their dad does the 'white-conservative" thing and leaves all the child-rearing to HER. Make her stay home all day changing diapers and vacuuming, and getting a decent dinner ready for when THE HUSBAND arrives home from REAL work.

Wonder how she'd like it.

Downpuppy said...

There's some nastiness in the TBogg comments. I don't think the people there quite get where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

That woman doesn't need an editor, she needs a reversed lobotomy. The writing is execrable. If it weren't a string of dog whistling peeps it would be incomprehensible. But I like the parenthetical "kids don't always get the mom and the dad" (is English her fifteenth language?) and "people who step in" should be rewarded but fuck 'em if they are the wrong color or the wrong gender or interfere with the rearing of the christian babeez. So: no gay foster parents for you!


jwbarna said...

Um. Should "deafened" be "defended"?