Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shorter Megan McArdle: Life Is Wonderful

Less Studious Megan: I'd love to describe how this business writer is wrong about baggage fees but that would take more work than I am willing to devote to my job, which I dearly love and see as a public service worthy of endless sacrifices.

Less Canny Megan: I am quoting Katherine Mangu-Ward, a perky up-and-coming Reason staffer who was born in a test tube, weaned by Ayn Rand, and fed on an endless supply of self-satisfied self regard. In four years she will be given my job at one third my salary.

Less Critical Megan: The American capitalist system is perfect, especially if you are on its lowest rung, are powerless, and are forced to work for exploitation wages in under-regulated industries.

McArdle's other posts were too atrocious to abbreviate; sometimes the horror just can't be boiled down to one sentence.


Anonymous said...

Four years? I give it two. As soon as Megan tries to get pregnant and needs IVF and expensive stuff they'll terminate her with extreme prejudice and pick up Mangu-Ward in the cheap aisle for next to nothing.


Susan of Texas said...

Maybe she'll never get fired. Maybe we'll be stuck with her forever and ever until she dies (like Tim Russert) or until she runs someone over (like Robert Novak).

Andrew said...


Susan of Texas said...

You'll be singing a different tune when Dagney McArdle-Suderman is the head of the Fed during Tripp Palin's presidency.

Spy Hill said...

Megan will always be able to find a job as a pundit. Plenty of professional right-wing bloggers are good at flinging poop, but few possess McArdle's ability when it comes to making contemporaneously plausible arguments.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed woman is Queen.

Batocchio said...

True, Mangu-Ward is as monstrous as McArdle, but probably works cheaper. Free market's gonna get ya!

I'm also a bit curious about Mangu-Ward's post, since I am somewhat familiar with public schools in Northern Virginia (but not with breaking news on them).