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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Megan McArdle says Megan McArdle is an Entitled Asshole

She thinks she's Rose Wilder Lane but she's really Nellie Olsen.

Shorter Megan McArdle: Back when I went to my Spartan college, our parents paid tuition so we didn't have luxurious housing. School loans for the poor and middle classes are bad.

McMegan went to the Riverdale County Day School in New York.

“One can't help being taken by the physical beauty of Riverdale – the lush lawns, the beautiful trees, the tennis courts and playing fields, the historic buildings, the view of Van Cortlandt Park from the dining room – Riverdale is as beautiful as any northeast boarding school with the wonderful advantage that you see your children at dinnertime.” Riverdale Upper School Parent

 Hill Campus
Located on 19.5 verdant acres with sweeping views of Van Cortlandt Park, the Hill Campus provides exemplary academic and extra-curricular opportunities for students in grades 6 through 12.
The campus is comprised of six academic buildings, including two dedicated science buildings with discipline-specific laboratories, an arts center for the study of drawing, painting, photography, and other mediums, and a "maker's lab" for design and construction projects.
Riverdale athletes practice and compete right on campus; the athletic facilities include three full-size playing fields, tennis courts, a 9,600-square-foot gymnasium, a 25-meter indoor pool, a fitness center, and a fencing room. The student center is the hub of the Middle and Upper Schools, offering bright, airy spaces for talking, meeting, and eating, and an outdoor balcony overlooking Van Cortlandt Park and featuring cafe-style tables. [School website description]

McArdle also went to Ivy League The University of Pennsylvania. Here is a picture of some of their dorms.

McRat also went to the University of Chicago. Here is her business school.
But the reason off campus housing is so luxurious is because students are taking out loans and saying what the fuck might as well borrow enough to live like a king, thereby forcing the school to build luxurious facilities.


cynic said...

After all that, she still needed wingnut welfare to make a living because she sucked at every real job.

That should tell you about the 'value' of these elite institutions and the insanity of college tuition costs.

Bernie should make the cost of college tuition front and center in his issues list along with Wall Street bullshit in every campaign stop. He will win in a romp.

Susan of Texas said...

You're forgetting how much people like to deprive others of advantages, the better to grab them for themselves.

I guess McArdle figures that everyone will do what she did, borrow extravagantly and spend heavily to live up to the lifestyle of wealthier students.

Elayne said...

I live in Riverdale. Believe me, that school is both hoity and toity. Fortunately the population around me is starting to diversify... but them in Fieldston, they're still the ultra-rich...

Clever Pseudonym said...

I had to attend a conference at USC several years ago and was overcome with disgust by the opulence. Big screen televisions in every lobby, plush furnishings, gourmet buffets in every corner. It was ridiculous. None of it had anything to do with education. The thing is, we kids from the working class areas of Los Angeles always called it the "University of Spoiled Children." Besides football, it's famous for a horrible academic reputation where rich people send their screw-up kids who can't get into Harvard, because it massages the parents' ego to write a huge tuition check ($50,000 a year for tuition alone, last I heard). Megan reminds me of these kids, and the kind of parents who claw to pay thousands of dollars to get their near-infants into kindergartens where the pointy scissors aren't allowed so they can be taught how to not eat glue in between naps.

And USC is in the middle of Watts. I don't have the slightest problem with that. I'm just amazed more of the snobs who send their children don't.

Anonymous said...

Her parents paid something like $47,660 per year to get her out of their house?

Susan of Texas said...

She said it was about $35,000 when she went to school. Between $140,000 for Riverdale, University of Pennsylvania tuition, and the $100,000 she borrowed for the University of Chicago, she and her family have sunk maybe $400,000 into her education. And she can't think her way out of a paper bag.

And now she's saying University is too expensive because the poor and middle class are borrowing too much money to live in expensive off-campus housing, none of which makes the slightest bit of sense. But she is highly paid and always finds another job anyway because her father could afford to buy her entry into elite circles.