Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Less Tall Megan

Heavy workload the past day or two, so here are some shorters, with a longer to follow later.

Shorter Mrs. Megan McArdle: I had more money when I was single.

Stupider Megan McArdle: Since CEOs never make bad decisions, 'twas unions that killed the Beast GM.

More Trollish Megan McArdle, verbatim: "It's not as if most people first heard of ACORN when Breitbart started to go after them; they're on the news radar because they are a massive nationwide organization that takes millions of tax dollars every year."

Less Thoughtful Megan McArdle: Here are Felix Salmon's thoughts. I have none of my own.


Unknown said...

"According to Republican lawmakers and a top ACORN official, the grassroots organization has received some $53 million in federal funding since 1994."

That works out to about three and a half million dollars a years, which is probably what the Pentagon spends on a wrench. Big whoop-dee-do.

Anonymous said...

Note that her 3 crappy posts yesterday all went up in a 16 minute span.

Is she even sloppier than ever, or is somebody checking her "work"?

-downpuppy, bloggered out

bulbul said...
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bulbul said...

But, shane, that's why this ACORN thing is million times worse than Halliburton!1!1!!
Seriously, that RobM1981 guy is a piece of work. "They give us a quote for a project, we pay for it, it gets done." Like getting a quote makes it all OK. And like the federal government doesn't check what their money is spent on.
I got three words for him: no bid contracts.
Also, extra stupid from Megan: first, it's Arrivederci. Second, it means "till we see each other again". Dumb, dumb, dumb.