Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, April 18, 2008

Currently on Megan McArdle's blog:

Megan tells Ezra she'll provide him with a real bagel.

Megan tells us she's multilingual.

Megan tells us she must have her Sephora products, at least when the mean airlines will let her.

Megan tells us that she thinks skirt-chasing is "seen as" manly.

Megan tells us she knows lots of people.

Megan tells us she doesn't fall for silly philosophical arguments.

Megan accidentally tells us she drank grass. (Unless she actually did.)

Megan says it's silly to worry about one's child's safety because she was safe as a child.

Megan tells us Starbucks coffee is below her standards.

Megan tells us drugs are bad, and she doesn't use them.

Megan tells us she doesn't make enough money. And then does it again.

I think I am perceiving a theme.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, her vanity, self-absorption, and tendency to reduce all of her conclusions based solely on her own personal experiences - all the while claiming to be sophisticated and worldly - was bad enough when she was just blogging on her own. Now that she's doing it at the Atlantic Monthly, it's almost maddening. She's a Class A idiot, and a stuck up one at that.

brad said...

Y'know, you must really hate women, Susan.

Susan of Texas said...

Oh yes, brad. The sight of a woman with a blog, mouthing off in front of men, makes me sigh for all us poor, damned American souls.

Or maybe Megan's work is crappy?

Hmmm, which could it be?

Clever pseudonym, I agree. To write blather is one thing, to get paid for it is insane.

brad said...

You just hate her distinctly feminine style of blogging, don't kid yourself.
Blogrolled you, btw.

aimai said...

I'll cop to it. Megan is making me hate women. At least, she would if I thought she were a woman and not a life size kewpie doll with a pull cord that causes it to blurt out libertarian formulae with a girlish giggle.


Susan of Texas said...

Thanks brad. I did the same.

Aimai, it's so frustrating to see someone piss away such a rare opportunity. There are so many women who would do a better job, whose work could make a difference. People like Dowd and McArdle had a choice: speak from principle, or flatter the powerful. Dowd, especially, is weak, but McArdle and Althouse aren't much better.

I don't blame people for wanting acceptance, but they deliberately choose to ignore that others are paying for their gain.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my theory of what is going on in the media these days is they may be eating mouldy rye bread infected with Ergot of Rye. This is thought to perhaps have been behind the witch trials of Salem madness. Here is an interesting speculation about Ergot of Rye.

"Today historians are speculating that some other bizarre events of the past may be due to ergot poisoning. For instance, an affliction known as "dancing mania" which struck Europe from the 14th to the 17th century may have been caused by the troublesome fungus. This phenomenon caused groups of people to dance through the streets of cities– often speaking nonsense and/or foaming at the mouth– until they finally collapsed from exhaustion. Sufferers often described wild visions, and continued to writhe after falling to the ground. Some also suggest that Kykeon, a popular hallucinogenic drink from ancient Greece, may have been made from ergot-infected barley."

See? I think that describes Modo to the letter.

BTW, as long as we are on the subject, I put you on my blogroll, too. Pretty good stuff here, Susan!

Susan of Texas said...


The ergot information is fascinating. I like to try to understand seemingly inexplicable behavior, which is why I keep returning to McArdle. So far I'm going with "was taught nobless, but not oblige" and "thick as a post."

zeppo said...

LOL... I'll go with "thick as a post" as well.

M. Bouffant said...

As a fouhding contributor to Fire Megan McA., I've done a bit of Internet stalking. Seems her parents were the usual Upper West Side libs, involved (if memory serves) in gov't. or politics. When she went to Penn she worked for some Ralph Nader org. (I've no access to all my bookmarks, or I'd be more certain) & she discovered that it was a scam to collect people's addresses & sell them to other "liberal" organizations. This turned her off all liberal thought, & she stopped going along mindlessly w/ the left & began to go along mindlessly w/ what she thinks is leftist/libertarianism (or whatever she calls it). After, of course, realizing that she'd never be a successful fiction writer, & taking her Penn English major to the U. of Chicago for an MBA w/ a something in econ. This is all paraphrased from her own (transcibed) lips, by the way.

Or as Albert Brooks & Harry Shearer put it some yrs. back, she's "still trying to show mother something."

Anonymous said...

Well, THAT certainly sounds familiar. George W. Bush, anyone?

Anyone locked into a battle intent on showing your parents this or that, IMHO, is destined to fail, as what you are REALLY doing is trying to prove something to YOURSELF, not them. Hey, I got a clue for all of you. If you haven’t managed it by now, it is very unlikely that you will.

It would certainly be nice if people in the government and media got some psychological counseling before they got a job. Otherwise, we all get to see the “benefits” of them working out their issues on the job.

Susan of Texas said...

Shorter Megan: I was a liberal until I discovered unicorns weren't real.

Anonymous said...

Not logically