Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Vagina Inspector

Kathryn Jean Lopez is on the alert. Somewhere, her nose tells her, a woman is taking off her shirt in front of a camera. Hark!

Achy Breaky Heart: The pornification of Hannah

Dear me, that really is a shame. The kid's only 15. And it's not like she's from a bad family; her dad's a country-and-western singing star, and we know what good American Judeo-Christian values they all have.

Oh, no! Some people are upset Kathryn Jean called Disney's teenage star a porn princess.

I posted a quick item on the
Vanity Fair inciden
t on Sunday and have gotten many e-mails
from people who are upset that I may have been too hard on Cyrus. I didn't write
much, so I don't think I was.

"Porn" says so much, doesn't it Katy Jean? Maybe that's why you keep slinging the word around so often.

But Kathryn Jean is looking for teenage girl porn for your own good, don't forget.

But while I don't buy that the Cyruses were complete innocents here — at which point
when the teenager takes off her shirt does dad think this is not bad news — I
might be more bothered that there is an audience for this. What does it say
about us?

I think it says that Cyrus is ambitious, people like pictures of scantily clad pretty girls, and you need to stop thinking about sex. Really, girl. Give it a rest. Think about Mitt Romney for a while instead.



Anonymous said...

I suspect Kathryn's thoughts about Mitt Romney WOULD be thoughts about sex.

Susan of Texas said...


I hope Lopez never realizes what she missed, being a good girl for Jesus. All that repression and self-sacrifice for nothing.

Susan of Texas said...

I like your blog, julia grey. I've just read the intro, but I agree with what you said about the approach to problems in marriages. It's very difficult to look at the situation impartially, putting aside blame and self-defense, but very necessary. It's terribly difficult, also, for men to understand that married people must deal with the imbalances of power, especially when you're a housewife like me, and that power corrupts, even in a marriage, in its own little ways.