Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Later today I"ll concentrate on that Great American Hero, John McCain. It's time the nation takes a good look at the Man Who Will Be King, and his pill-popping wife too. Let Hillary and Obama duke it out, we have a lot to cover in McCain's life.


zeppo said...

Ahoy, Captain of the Cutty Snark! I hope that you get your bearings about you soon. There be reefs ahead and we need the firm hand of... Aw, heck with it. Where that was going wasn't that funny, anyway. Therwas going to be something about sharks or snarks or maybe lamphreys. However, I'll just leave it as I hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to ragging on Little Miss Megan.

merlallen said...

Talk about his Naval record, will you?
Crashed 4 planes stateside, set fire to his carrier, got shot down and captured, made propaganda films for the NVA.
That don't look too heroic, does it?

Susan of Texas said...

merlallen--I checked up on the Forrestal, and it seems that McCain was sitting in a plane when the first bomb went off behind him. Can you link to something that says different?

Zeppo, thanks. And I sure can't keep up with the naval lingo!

merlallen said...

I don't have any links. I'll try to find something. I was in the Navy many years ago and that's one of the things you heard from the Airedales. I'll try to google McCain and wet start and see what happens.

merlallen said...

I don't know how to send links. When I googled mccain wet start, it was the third hit.
Wet starting wasn't allowed because it was dangerous, but McCain was a hot dog and a show off. Plus he didnt' feel like the rules applied to Admirals sons.