Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mary Margaret Catherine O'Dowd

I finally read Molly Ivors on Maureen Dowd and my goodness, I can't see what all the fuss is about. All Mary Margaret Catherine O'Dowd said was that Obama was an elite (which everyone knows is just true). Yes, an admiral's son and grandson is like minor royalty in the services, and McCain grew up all over the world, just like Obama. But we all know that white Americans in the military are so much better than black men of different nations and/or religions. And white women who marry black men, well, you all know what they say about them. But Mary Margaret would never say such a thing because she's a nice Catholic girl with a cop father, and they mind their manners.

McCain is a manly man of action, Mary Margaret says, and Obama is wimpy and odd. Even Hillary is more manly than Obama, albeit also a shrew. Mary Margaret's Daddy doesn't like it when women talk a lot because their voices are shrill and hurt his ears. Obama wants to hang out with economic experts (during a recession no less, how unmanly) and people like McCain hang out with models, and which is more cool, Paul Krugman or a model?

I thought so too.

Mary Margaret quotes Stephen Colbert dissing Obama, which is cool too, even though Colbert was making fun of people like Mary Margaret while doing it. But who cares, because quoting Colbert is cool and all her friends do it.

In conculsion, I think Molly is silly and just jealous of Mary Margaret, who is cool and pretty and knows all the kids on the student council.


M. Bouffant said...

Jesus Hussein Christ, I've yet to see it, but the talk on commie radio was that Sen. Clinton didn't even finish her shot, as opposed to "knock it back" per MoDo. And was allegedly extending her pinky.

MoDo is rather revealing of herself in that second paragraph, isn't she? Acorn/tree, etc..

Susan of Texas said...

It's a living, I suppose, but she sure does seem to spend a lot of time talking about genitalia.