Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Snark weighs drops anchor today, as the captain and crew have fallen ill.

In the meantime, check out Lisa Schiffren, who promises to be a veritable fountain of stupidity. Whether it's calling Obama's birth a commie plot* or making an exception regarding breaking up families especially for Hillary, she's the new go-to girl for mindless Republican cheerleading. She has something to say about Dick Nixon's daughter Julie.

Perhaps we humans are psychologically limited in our options, to following
in the footsteps of, or rejecting and rebelling against our various
patrimonies. Or, given the linked picture, perhaps the fact that she
looks like a carbon copy of her mother — a bit mad, but with a little more iron
about the jaw — suggests that she is not her father's daughter after all.

The "smart" one changes her mind and goes for Obama, while the other one "still looks like the girl America knew." You mean the smart one looks older (after 40 years) and the "other" one still looks like the kid she was four decades ago? Because that's just creepy.

*Check out this reference to her post, because the commenters discuss if Obama is more Vulcan or Romulan, which is one of the greatest debates evah!

(Note: heavily edited because of illness, versus the usual heavy editing due to carelessness)

(Another note: In Megan's post ironically titled "ask the blogger," Megan avoids answering pertinent questions to quibble about irrelevant details. If Megan can't defend her decisions to a housewife, why is she blogging at all?)

(Not that I want Megan to quit. Most Republican bloggers are too stupid to debate. I had hopes that a fuzzy-headed fake conservative would be better, but unfortunately not.)

(And yes, I am acting as if Megan exists purely for my personal enjoyment. Since she has yet to do anything else of value, this will have to do.)

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