Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Psssst---McCain Is Fascist; Pass It On

The Republicans have a new meme: Obama is Marxist. Never mind that almost nobody can tell anyone what a Marxist is--Karl or Groucho. Obama's now an elite Marxist (!!).

I have a new meme too: McCain is fascist. There are plenty of speeches and articles written by him that call for massive mobilization in time of war. According to noted right-wing intellectual Jonah Goldberg, Woodrow Wilson was our first fascist president because he mobilized the entire nation for a common purpose. (It works if you re-define "fascist," "common," and "entire." And are very vague about "purpose.")

Therefore McCain is fascist, and since Hitler was fascist, McCain is Hitler.

Q. E. D.

Goldberg said some other stupid things too but I don't have all day.


Righteous Bubba said...

Fortunately nobody knows what a Marxist is. Pretty obvious what a racist is.

t4toby said...

The stupid flows out of Goldberg like the energy out of the backside of a black hole.

Oh, and McCain is a Fascist.

Anonymous said...

Who is this 'thomas' guy?

Susan of Texas said...

One day Goldberg will explode, scattering wingnut over several galaxies.

Anonymous said...


What is so bad about the country working as a whole? Does it scare you that the rich may be brought down even a smidgen from their pedestals? That good people may have a chance at a better life regardless of their financial situation?

I'm not in support of socialism, and I do not think Obama is said socialist. And I don't think that McCain is a fascist. All this name calling and mud slinging is getting out of hand. Both parties are trying far too hard to attach the opposing name with infamous titles of the past (Hitler, Mussolini, etc)

I say just do your research, get informed. I myself am sixteen, tottering on seventeen. Focus on your opinions alone, because all this fighting helps no one. Just do your part, and vote! And even if you can't vote yet, nothing stops you from being informed.