Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black gold, Texas tea

Paul Craig Roberts lists another group that doesn't think we'll attack Iran: Iran.

The Iranians don't seem to believe it, despite the dispatch of US nuclear
submarines and another aircraft carrier attack group to the Persian Gulf. To
counter any Iranian missiles launched in response to an attack, the US is
deploying anti-missile defenses to protect US bases and Saudi oil

Just as the world could not believe Hitler's next horror and thus was always unprepared, the Iranians despite all the evidence cannot believe that even the GreatSatan would gratuitously attack Iran based on nothing but lies about non-existent nuclear weapons.

(If the wingnuts out there don't like Roberts' use of Hitler in an argument, don't
use it yourselves
. You're the ones who put that particularly dirty card on the table.

But no worries. I'm sure that after spending the last remaining decades of his life planning and implementing his Middle East oil strategy, Dick Cheney will just abandon it and go hunting instead.

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