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Saturday, July 12, 2008

And Another One's Gone

Tony Snow has died of cancer at 53. If it were not for his cancer, he probably would still be shilling for Bush, Cheney, and wars, as he did at the White House and Fox News. He was Tim Russert without the pretensions of fairness.

Snow on rendition:

Q What about the report out of the European watchdog group that 20-some-odd countries participated or allowed the rendition flights? And can you give us any reaction to that?
Q We can't hear the question.
MR. SNOW: He's asking about the rendition story. Several points to make on rendition. Number one, rendition is something that has been practiced by nations for a very long time. Carlos the Jackal, you may recall, by rendition ended up in a French jail. Nations have to work together on intelligence matters. It's also very important to stress that the United States does not condone torture, does not practice torture. Torture is illegal and we acknowledge and follow all international laws.
Furthermore, we will not agree to send anybody to a nation or place that practices torture. So when it comes to the rendition things, those are the important pieces to remember. It's also important to remember again that international cooperation in the war on terror is essential for winning, and rendition is not something that began with this administration, and it's certainly going to be practiced, I'm sure, in the future.
Q There are reports saying that there was human rights violations --
MR. SNOW: I am not going to respond to a report.

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Anonymous said...

So many graves to piss on all of a sudden, so little time!

Susan of Texas said...

I might need to buy more bottles of water.