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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Few Links

The Health and Medical History of Dick Cheney. Did you know he travels with a hazmat suit at all times and he's allergic to pomegranate juice? He's kept alive by the most comprehensive, expensive medical care I can imagine and his pact with Satan, yet a simple bottle of juice could kill him dead. Fascinating.

The stupidest man on earth explains why Bush had to invade Iraq.

A lot of poor commentary has framed the Iraq war as a conflict of "choice"
rather than of "necessity." In fact, President George W. Bush chose to remove
Saddam Hussein from power because he concluded that doing so was
As a participant in the confidential, top-level administration meetings
about Iraq, it was clear to me at the time that, had there been a realistic
alternative to war to counter the threat from Saddam, Mr. Bush would have chosen

Next up: Bush decides he must bomb Iran because the traitorous Democrats who just want to be whiny losers won't do it themselves. It's not because he wants to, it's because he must---for your own good.

Jonah Goldberg, the famous conservative intellectual and scholar and Pulitzer nominee, has a post up at the Corner about global warming. It's thoughtful and careful enough to reprint in its entirety.

qoH vuvbe' SuS* [Jonah Goldberg]
News from the UK: "Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought."
I particularly like the bit about how wind energy output can sometimes be less than zero.

* Translated from the Klingon: "The wind does not respect a fool."

No indeed, Jonah. No indeed.

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