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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flashback Megan: Megan Cooks

I don't often curse here, but you have to be fucking kidding me. From the blog of Rick Bruner.

30th Aug 2004

Jello Salad
Last night, I was invited to a delightful
dinner party at Megan McArdle’s house in the esteemed company of political
bloggers including Tim Blair, Mickey Kaus (albeit fleetingly), Matt Welch, Roger
Simon, Julian Sanchez, Andrew Hofer, Walter Olson, Amy Langfield and others
whose names I missed or forgot....

The theme of the party was Republicanism, given the convention for which several of the bloggers were in town. In keeping with the theme, Megan (who bills herself as a “libertarian,” which as someone at the party noted is what Republicans call themselves when they’re embarrassed to admit they’re Republicans) did all the cooking and waited on the mostly male assemblage hand and foot — barefoot, at that — and clad in a ’50s-housewife-style blouse and skirt and lace apron, the table decorated with two lilac blooms and a small American flag, and so on. The meal, along the same lines, consisted of glazed chicken, homemade dinner rolls, potato salad,
homemade peach pies and, the pièce de résistance, jello salad.

Beautifully prepared and presented and absolutely delicious, it was all
meant to be ironic and Republican. But the joke was on Megan: the food took me
vividly back to my youth, as it was exactly like what I grew up with my
Minnesota-born mother cooking, who is slightly to the left of Michael Moore.

I'll bet she lapped up every minute of the attention. What a servile thing to do, even as a joke. What an embarrassment this woman is.

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