Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, July 3, 2008

There's a clue. Go get it.

Digby et al. are concerned that Congress is lying to them about FISA. The commenters, as they often do, chastise fellow liberals, saying the Supreme Court openings make voting for Obama essential.

It doesn't even occur to them that Obama might "surprise" them again.

Why wouldn't Obama vote for a conservative Supreme Court justice, or a wink-wink-nudge-nudge pseudo-liberal? His belief in the separation of church and state? His devotion to the constitution? His independence from business interests, the real constituency of the Supreme Court?

Our* biggest problem is our habit of obedience and slavish, unquestioning devotion to authority. It doesn't even occur to some liberals to question the rich and powerful.

*By "our" I mean "everyone but you and me."

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Anonymous said...

I only read Digby's comments when I'm really tired, because I know the surge of molten anger will wake me up for a few hours. Those people are so goddamned stupid it hurts.

So, yesterday, feeling sleepy, I read a few of them. My favorite was one where someone was stressing that we as a nation have not faced a threat of actual invasion in decades (I suppose that's generously allowing WW2 - I might say centuries myself), and that any action taken against Iran would be yet another instance of murderous aggression on our record (I think this was all in relation to Obama & McCain's similar rhetoric on Iran's possible nukes).

Amazingly, two people pulled the old "why do you hate America, why do you hate the troops, you're going to lose the election for us with your hippie rhetoric" move. Unfuckingreal.

Those morons box themselves in, only allowing criticism of cosmetic superficialities, and then they wonder why nothing ever changes.

zeppo said...

Weellll.... I'm not sure I agree with this "all or nothing" approach, or else everyone is stupid. What are you suggesting we do?

I find it terribly upsetting that Obama is pandering, now that he's won the primary. I'm still going to vote for him, and all Democrats, with a passion, because the alternative of having McCain and the Rethug party run the country for 4 or 8 more years is just unthinkable. Yeah, Obama is a politican. But I stil think he might do things a bit differently. Back in the primaries, one of the things he promised to do within the first... I can't remember the time frame, was to examine all the crap that the Bush administration has put in place and change it, like restoring habeous corpus.

I'm a huge cynic, and I think the U.S. is heading, very quickly, toward "second tier" status among the countries of the world. It's going to take a huge effort to turn it around, and I don't think that anyone, of either political party, has the will or even desire to change things. However, I don't see what's wrong with wanting some of the crap that Bush has been doing to be stopped. Yeah, Obama might not end the war(s) immediately, but almost anything is better than the open-ended morass we are in now, and which McCain would quite happily continue. Maybe, once Obama is in and he doesn't have to worry about running against "liberals are weak on defense", MAYBE he might actually do something.

I don't buy this nonsense that he is some sort of closet conservative. He's just a politican. Unless we can find some Jimmy Stewart-type character to run, this is as close as I think we are going to get to a change from the same-ol'-same-ol'. Aside from being a cynic, I am also pretty pragmatic. O.K., this is what we have ended up with. Now what do we do about it? I still like the possibility of Obama being president than I do McCain, Romney or Huckabee.

Happy Independence Day, btw. I plan on celebrating, in my own little way, by going down to the lake and tossing in some Lipton tea bags.

Susan of Texas said...

Blognoscenti, it's kind of interesting to watch the cycle of enthusiasm, surpise, disbelief, and then denial or anger. Over and over. Unfortunately we don't have the time to wait for them to wake up.

It's like dreaming about a trainwreck, in agonizingly slow motion. You yell for people to save themselves, but they just stare at you blankly.

Zeppo, you're nearly there. All you have to do is give up hope. I know it sounds appalling, but it's necessary. People peddle the future when they don't want you to look to closely at what they do now. Obama will only give us what we want if we demand it. It's the same with all leaders.

You are the leader you are looking for.

Susan of Texas said...

And Happy Independence Day to you, too. I like the tea idea very much.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, once Obama is in and he doesn't have to worry about running against "liberals are weak on defense", MAYBE he might actually do something.

I tend to disagree with this. If he feels he has to worry about this to get elected now, he will continue to worry about it while in office.

The dems would be better off if they just attacked the shallowness of the 'weak on defense' charge head on instead of playing into it by enabling bellicostiy. It's the only way they'll ever overcome it.

Susan of Texas said...