Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, Megan!

No, Megan, you're still not a feminist. Just because you found someone who formerly had the same sense of entitlement as yourself doesn't mean you are against the unequal distribution of power between genders. You still think power belongs to the powerful. You put on an apron and took off your shoes and served men food as a joke. That's what you think about power inequality--it's a joke to laugh at. You like the gender power imbalance because you think it gives you special privileges, and you believe in privilege.

Give it up. Nobody is fooled, and nobody really cares. Real feminists won't accept you because they're not stupid and they recognize the truth. Conservatives will hire you as a token woman and libertarian, and as long as you hem and haw and quantify feminism, your pretensions will be seen as the pretensions they are. Your words will, of course, continue to support those in power over those out of power. It's your job, and the only reason an English major with a MBA was hired to analyze the economy in the pages of the Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness gracious, that post is so stupid (hers, not yours, Susan).

"I got to be a screw up who nearly flunked out of college, and thanks to parents and schools that cared desperately about my fate, nonetheless turn it all around, pull a 4.0 in my major, and graduate on time. The first time a poor kid pulls that kind of crap, he's back at home looking for minimum wage work."

Megan, STOP writing about poor people. You don't have a clue what you are saying. "Poor kids" are given the same opportunities you are within a university system. The only thing I can think of that might be different are ones maybe attending on a grant of some kind. They'll lose their grants sooner than they'd be expelled by the school for poor academic performance.

I doubt your "school" cared desperately about your fate, Megan. They cared about your tuition and their reputation. That's it.

Does this woman *ever* write anything that isn't a complete load of droppings, let alone useful or interesting?

Susan of Texas said...

I want to hear more about how she was a screw-up. Didn't thousands of dollars' worth of prep school prepare her for university?

Anonymous said...

She's so clueless to how mundane and common those kind of screw-ups actually are. Tons of college kids screw up in their early years. It's the first time you've been away from home. You party instead of reading the Rousseau that you'll only memorize for the test and then forget that your Philosophy A professor assigned. Making it past that isn't a matter of having parents that cared "desperately." It's waking up and realizing that it's time to take the courses for your major and you're not going to graduate if you don't start studying. It's a very, very common experience.

And I'm seriously pissed off at her caraciture notions of "the poor." Her parents cared desperately. The poor kid, his just smoked crack so if he got an 'F' in sociology, the only future he had waiting for him was a taco stand. I don't care that some people are privileged, I just hate it when they try and act like they know about how it is to not be.

Susan of Texas said...

She always acts like she knows what she's talking about, and seldom does. I never imagined that it was so easy to hold a job when you're always wrong, despite 7 years of the Bush Administration.