Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Such Beautiful Creatures

Oh, Kathryn Jean Lopez, you never disappoint. All those years of CCE classes I took were not in vain, for it helped me understand how one person could be so self-deluded. Once you've seen gay men marry and have children just to be accepted by the Catholic Church, Lopez is a piece of cake to understand. For Lopez, God is the Magical Marriage Fairy. Do everything he says, and she'll achieve the impossible: Find someone willing to overlook her stupidity and single-minded devotion to her cause. (But I repeat myself.) It's not her looks; not-beautiful women marry all the time, including not-skinny women. People who have been married a long time know that the surface fades away, and the inner person is the one you actually see. It's the attitude of blind submission, the lack of humor and proportion, the all-encompassing neediness, that drives people away.

Lopez wrote an article on the horrors of in-vitro fertilization, that Frankenstein procedure that lets couples finally have the children they long for. That's supposed to be a good thing, but it's not good enough for Katy Jean, because the only reason for sex is to let God impregnate you--or not, as the case may be.
This position is much maligned, but if you actually think about it, you
don’t have to be Catholic to notice that there is some wisdom in totality, the
idea that there is something very good about giving yourself totally to your
spouse — not putting up barriers and introducing artificial methods and
procedures into your reproductive lives.

Uh huh. I want nothing more than to totally give myself to my spouse, because there's no dividing line between me and him. I have no boundaries; I belong totally to him and not myself. My body is his and God's, not my own. I have no choice when it comes to when I have children, or how many, even if it should cost me my life.

Mind you, this is only for women's reproductive lives. Men can do as they please. Medical procedures are fine if they benefit men and women's non-baby parts. Artificial hearts, shunts, colostomy bags, all other medical procedures are just fine. When Pope John Paul II was shot, God's will wasn't followed; the doctors did everything they could to thwart His Plan--for surely if God let the Pope get shot it was meant to be, right? Just think of the martyrdom! How many lives could have been saved in the future by the Pope's death? Did the doctors think of that? I doubt it.

Kathryn Jean Lopez is in her thirties, and not getting any younger. Her eggs are getting little wrinkles and bad hips as we speak. Hurry up, Katy Jean. As you've said so often, selfish career women often find out they've waited too long, and one day you and your husband might be one of those couples depending on science to make up for God's lack. But I'm sure you'll just accept God's will and go through the rest of your life childless, like you tell everyone else to do.


Anonymous said...

This woman is psycho. I mean, absolutely insane. Normally, I don't like to demonize people just for thinking differently than I do about otherwise innocuous issues, but cracker on a crutch. Memo to Lopez: it is none of your damn business how other couples choose to concieve their children. None. Zero. Zip. Shut up. You are a terrible, incompassionate woman and person.

Susan of Texas said...

I think she's rounded the bend from piety to insanity. Can't they just pop her into a convent? She wouldn't notice the difference anyway.

Tommykey said...

I like this blog!

Yeah, K-Lo strikes me as someone who should have become a nun.

I wonder if some of her colleagues at NRO wince at some of the stupidity she cranks out but feel they have to keep it to themselves.

Susan of Texas said...

Thanks, tommy.

I bet the NRO rolls their eyes a lot, but K-Lo serves her purpose--she thinks like the radical religious right.