Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, July 14, 2008

Megan tries to be clever, with predictable results.

I thought I was done for the day and they drag me back in.

Megan McArdle responds to August J. Pollak's cartoon about her callousness regarding refugees.

Who says the left has no sense of humor? I mean, who aside from August J. Pollak, that is?

First, that doesn't make sense. If she's trying to say that Pollack doesn't have a sense of humor, she's not really making the point. She's implying Pollack said the left have no sense of humor, which doesn't fit the context. Second, she's spreading the cartoon by making note of it. Once again, her ego won't let sleeping dogs lie. Finally, this is very poor snark. No bite, no snap. Just Megan "tee-hee"ing yet again at her lack of compassion and self-awareness. She should be ashamed, but shame is for the little people, evidently.


Anonymous said...

Accusing someone making a humorous response to her unfunny*, disgusting remark of not having a sense of humor, but not really, because she basically wrote that Pollak said the left doesn't have a sense of humor, which he did in no such way. Is that what you'd call irony? Or maybe plain stupidity?

*and by "unfunny," I don't just mean that it was a ludicrous, insensitive comparison, I literally mean that, like nearly all of Megan's attempts at humor, it's just downright not funny.

Anonymous said...

I adore the little sycophants over there defending her saying the comparison was funny and legitimate. It was neither. There's no comparison between chosing to wait in line for a luxury item and living in a refugee camp struggling to survive. None. Zero. Forget how inappropriate the comment is, there is just plain no similarity whatsoever. Plus, you've got them accusing everyone of not having a sense of humor over Megan's remark acting appalled at Pollak's rape punchline. So her flippant jokes are fine, but his are not? Then there's that idiot referencing the 2 x 4 hoopla, lamenting the fact that this will come back to haunt Megan the same way. Imagine that - journalists putting something in professional print being held accountable for what they write. The horror. I hope Megs still has some of those 2 x 4s around so her worshipping public can make a nice cross to nail her to.

These people are as bad as she is.

Susan of Texas said...

They all have quite the little love-fest going on. Pollak will call her a mean ditz in the cartoon but not in real life--what the hell? If you can't stand up to Megan McArdle, why bother drawing anything?

A bright spot is that Megan appears to be loading up on debt at the worst time in American history to do so. You go, girl. You deserve every single thing you buy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and he's sure she has to be a nice person in real life, too. Right. The whole callous Randroid thing, all the comments that prove the exact opposite - they're all just for show, apparently. Jesus.