Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, August 2, 2010

Appeals To Authority

Having suffered a major hit to her credibility, Megan McArdle decides to borrow some authority to boost her public image.

Kevin Drum basically agrees with me that the filibuster exists because people in both parties want it to exist. "They mostly don't want to admit it," he writes, "but both Democrats and Republicans have always had an essentially defensive view of the power of government: They're more interested in stopping the other guys when they're in power than they are in getting their own things done when they're in power."

No, we did not leave out any links. There are none, probably because Drum does not say he agrees with McArdle on the filibuster. McArdle agrees with Drum that both parties want the filibuster, but saying that doesn't bolster McArdle's credibility. McArdle has done this before, but should realize that it's not at all necessary. The only people who respect her don't need corroboration, they just need someone to say what they want to hear. An Ivy League grad, a moose-huntin' crackpot--it doesn't matter in the slightest, to the conservative "intellectuals'" chagrin.


Cirze said...

Let's face it, Susan.

She's gotta borrow it.

Thanks for all you do to expose these catastrophic events.

May I blogroll you?


Megan McArdle decides to borrow some authority

Anonymous said...

"everyone knows"
"I hear that..."
"I think..."
"I heard..."
"lets face it"
"drum agrees with [some statement I actually made to the ambient air]
meaningless, boilerplate "they all do it"
throws hands in air


Do I have that basically right?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that "anonymous" duplicate was me. Don't know how that happened. Maybe we can ask Megan MacArdle for her opinion.


Lurking Canadian said...

aimai, you're doing it wrong. You're supposed to say, "Sigh. Such is blogging," and just pass on. You never say "Sorry".

Susan of Texas said...

Suzan-yes, of course. Thanks!

Aimai, that's right. It's not that you made a mistake, it's just that the comment system doesn't understand you.