Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, August 27, 2010

Shorter But Still Hopelessly Ideological Megan

I will write two longer posts (on Koch and stimulus) when (or if) I have more time, but here's some shorters for now. Megan McArdle's been prolific.

Shorter 1: I'm not defending Tom Delay, but here's my defense of Tom Delay: He is innocent of breaking the law. I will not mention the other charges pending against him, or that the article I link to mentions that it is extremely difficult to get enough proof of a congressman's graft.

Shorter 2: Nyah, nyah, I told you credit card rates would rise if they were forced to reform. You should have let them rip you off with outrageous fees instead.

Shorter 3: I am linking to a post that says green houses aren't green. I am not telling my readers that my husband works for Koch-funded climate-change deniers.

Shorter 4: I bought a house right before a widely-predicted drop in prices but it's too late to do anything about it so I made the right decision.

Shorter 5: I love my Kindle. I will not mention that my employer has a deal with Kindle.

Shorter 6: Health care reform is bad!

Shorter 7: Academia is bloated. (And won't give her hack friends jobs.)

Shorter 8: Regulation is bad. (I actually agree with her point regarding the monks' caskets, but when you only point out bad consequences of regulation and never good, you're too ideological to be trusted.)

Shorter 9: Concern troll is concerned.

Shorter 10: I don't think presidents can affect the economy very much. I will not mention Bush or his wars or his bailouts or his tax cuts.

Shorter 11: The Wall-Mart model is swell.

Shorter 12: If I pretend that banks always tell the truth I can call Naomi Wolf an idiot.

Shorter 13: Here are my father's (the former construction industry lobbyist) thoughts on labor unions.

Shorter 14: It's okay when corporations make strategic defaults. I will not mention that I said it's not okay when people make strategic defaults.

Shorter 15: Leave Alan Greenspan alooooooooooooone!!!!! Sob!

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Clever Pseudonym said...

"I will not mention that my employer has a deal with Kindle."

Nor will I mention that, after writing a glowing endorsement of the product, if you click on the link I provide to Amazon, I stand to make money off of anything you buy.