Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crystal Ball

Shorter Today In Megan McArdle's Blog: The economics of long grocery lines, which annoys me.

Shorter Tomorrow: The economics of dry cleaning for a woman half of a married couple, which annoys me.

Shorter Even Further From Now: The economics of putting up with the noise from the bar that I was eager to live next to, which now annoys me.

Hey, it beats blogging about things she doesn't understand and invariably gets wrong.


Unknown said...

What are the odds Megan knows anything about queueing theory?

Susan of Texas said...


Anonymous said...

Ground Zero?

Kathy said...

Bet she stands in the 10-or-over line counting the items in the short line baskets, getting mad because the shopper got the 10-for-cost-of-$5.00 items AND a frozen pizza! CHEATER! CHEATER! Faster lines are un-democratic!

I myself choose the longest line, grab a magazine and browse it while waiting. No stress: I'm not gonna seeth with rage if the shorter line actually takes longer than mine.