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Saturday, August 28, 2010

K-Lo Tweets: The Elmer Gantry Edition

Kathryn Jean Lopez is twittering the Glenn Beck rally, and evidently hasn't felt so...uplifted since Miss Carrie Prejean publicly declared her support for denying Americans their civil right to wed.

beck: "we must not get lost in politics"
2 minutes ago via web .

beck embraces churches, temples, mosques "not preaching hate or division"
2 minutes ago via web .

"we learn from the past and ask for redemption... we have today to make a difference"
5 minutes ago via web .

glenn beck looks to inspire an eight year old in the crowd to be the new george washington or martin luther king jr.
5 minutes ago via web .

while rallying people on politics -- real threats to freedom and founding principles -- beck focuses on the fact politics ain't everything
6 minutes ago via web .

"we can disagree on politics. we can disagree on so much ... what we do agree on is God is the answer"
7 minutes ago via web .

beck rally is a mixture of religious revival, campaign rally, & 4th of july country music concert. it's pretty american, in other words.
12 minutes ago via web .

beck rally is exactly the mood americans need to be in approaching nov. well, and right now, the next minute, and the morning after ED too.
13 minutes ago via web .

"the storm that is coming is not just an american storm but a human storm." america "must be prepared" to be the shelter in the storm again
15 minutes ago via web .

beck: the truth will make you miserable first, but then it will set you free.
16 minutes ago via web .

beck on "our sacred honor": "it means there are no lies in your life ..."
16 minutes ago via web ...."

In America, we demonstrate for LESS."
18 minutes ago via web .

reader quotes ralphreed on this rally from tv: "In Greece, they take to the streets and demonstrate for MORE Government handouts..."
18 minutes ago via web .

(sounds like rep jim jordan & others wanting to do crazy things like balance the budget.)
19 minutes ago via web .beck on this moment, now:

"one generation must sacrifice for the next"
20 minutes ago via web .

beck's all about sacrifice.
20 minutes ago via web .

beck's all about reliance on divine providence.
20 minutes ago via web .

beck on "we the people": " do you think they were using the wrong side font? That was code! They knew we would forget!"
22 minutes ago via web .

find out what you really truly believe. it's the only way you can have firm reliance on it.
24 minutes ago via web .

never let your prayin' knees get lazy
25 minutes ago via web .

he sounds like a brice lee song
26 minutes ago via web .

beck talks about the importance of prayer... and adults letting children see its importance in their modelling
27 minutes ago via web .

repchaffetz was on fnc talking faith, hope and charity a few ago. seem to be beck talking points for the day. he got them from another Guy.
27 minutes ago via web .

likens americans to apostles asleep at gethsemane
30 minutes ago via web .

glenn beck likens himself to the guy on the titanic who saw the iceberg and pointed it out to the ship
31 minutes ago via web .

"the poorest among us are some of the richest in the world" glenn beck, sounding like robert recter
36 minutes ago via web .

cnn views this as a foxnews rally on the mall, doesn't it?

I very seriously doubt that K-Lo knows Beck's Mormonism doesn't believe in the Holy Trinity. They believe that Jesus actually was a separate and distinct person. That is not Christian theology, of course. Not that she will care.


Tommykey said...

what we do agree on is God is the answer

Uh, right, and how many people have been killed fighting over which god provided the right answer?

Substance McGravitas said...

Now now, it's important to find points of agreement with Al Qaeda.

StringonaStick said...

FSM, I absolutely abhore religious demagogues!

Anonymous said...

One gets the feeling that K-Lo would have been elated if Osama bin Laden had been preaching on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial offering 10 percent tax rates for anyone making $250,000 a year or more, the public stoning of abortion doctors, the public Tasering of homosexuals, and the immediate appointment of Robert Bork and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to the Supreme Court in place of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

Religious extremist, thy name is K-Lo.

Anonymous said...

Susan--I am delighted to learn that K-Lo appears neither to understand, nor to care about, the Athanasian creed. The increasing dilution of the content of Christian belief in this country is a positive development for personal liberty, akin to the mutuation of a deadly virus into a less virulent form.

Strix Cratylus said...

"the storm that is coming is not just an american storm but a human storm."

Hearing reactionaries, especially at this sort of gathering, talk about a coming storm makes me think of some premonitory lines from Rilke:

Look at them and see what they are like:

they move as though a wind were pushing them,
they rest as though a hand had stopped them.

In their eyes is the oncoming darkness
sweeping across summer's fields
before the storm.

Anonymous said...

Hell. All they need to do is hang Beck on a cross and the Douthats and the K-Los will swear he's J.C. and this is the Second Coming.