Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Class Warfare Day!

Shorter George Will: Black culture [code words for immorality and shiftlessness] is to blame for Blacks' economic problems.

People like him tell whites that liberal culture is to blame for their problems. They tell religious people that non-religious (or other-religious) people are to blame for their problems. They tell the poor that Hispanics are to blame. They tell everyone that gays are to blame. And people eat this stuff up with a spoon.

Which is fortunate because we've read this column dozens of times before from many, many different pundits. How nice it is to make a good living tossing off a little missive before heading out to Maine or the Cape for the weekend.

As I've said before, every time the right throws a tea party the left should throw a better one. You must provide a competing authority to neutralize an authority.

Too bad we don't have one. We'd rather drown in their bathtub.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so the ideal life is to be a stuffy, constipated, geriatric white Yuppie who hates Levis....