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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Highly Valued Closet Case Endorsement

"John McCain is the best hope for conservatives to succeed in November,"
said Attorney General Troy King. "He is a principled conservative with a clear
record of supporting a strong national defense, fighting for fiscal
responsibility, and defending the sanctity of life. John McCain has served our
country his entire life, and I am honored to lead his efforts here in

John McCain thanked the leadership of his Alabama campaign. "As a
representative in the United States Congress, Spencer has displayed his
commitment to the people of Alabama," said Senator McCain. "Troy is an
outstanding public servant and passionate advocate for the rule of law. Both of
these men are dedicated to the principles of limited government and traditional
values that we share. I'm proud to have Republican leaders and dedicated public
servants like Spencer Bachus and Troy King leading my campaign to victory in

Yes, he's a passionate advocate of traditional values, alright. And sweet, sweet gay love. Embrace who you are, Troy King. Say it--you're here, you're queer, and you've nothing to fear!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of that guy. Is he actually gay, or just rumored...

Susan of Texas said...

He's new to me too but his story is certainly familiar.

Several editorials by King sprouted up during his tenure as a UA law student. One editorial was in response to a front-page CW photograph that depicted two male students competing in a "Kiss Off" on the Quad. In a letter to the editor published on March 12, 1992, King wrote that he did not believe Americans were in favor of such lifestyles.

"If it were true that the gay lifestyle has been accepted in mainstream America then surely there would not be such widespread disgust at their actions," King wrote. "In fact, the only people I see applauding their deplorable actions are other homosexuals."

King also expressed opposition to the idea of a gay family structure.

"I often hear the argument that homosexuals who live together create a loving, caring family environment, perhaps an environment which is even superior to that which can be provided by a heterosexual couple. In this day of rampant decadence, many homosexuals would mislead society into believing that three men, an armadillo and a house plant create a functional family."

As a third-year law student, King also attributed the spread of AIDS cases to the spread of homosexuality in the country in a Sept. 10, 1993, letter to the editor.

"Currently, AIDS is the most behavior-oriented disease known to mankind," King wrote. "If this nation's current purveyors of perversion would refrain from committing sodomy they would unquestioningly be spared the ravages of the disease."

Yeah, I'm guessing he's a self-loathing gay guy.