Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Derangement Syndrome

Kathryn Jean Lopez is verklempt.
the cowardly president
11 minutes ago via HootSuite
The link leads to a post about Obama and a recess appointment. Lopez does not mention that Bush made 171 recess appointments [pdf] because she doesn't care. When you are a mindless sycophant, anything goes.


Anonymous said...

And then there's Ruth Marcus ...

When Bush did it, it was fine. And when Obama does it, it's bad.

(Hell, when Bush did it, one of the appointees was her husband ... a little detail that Marcus didn't bother to mention. But wait! Surprisingly, for arcane reasons which she brings up in a very late update, according to her analysis it turns out that when Bush did it, it was fine and when Obama does it, it's bad.)

Professional journalism hard at work.

Susan of Texas said...

K-Lo has a mind like a steel trap. Unfortunately she's imprisoned inside it.