Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, slap my ass and call me Susan. Megan McArdle links to Glenn Greenwald, because he criticizes a Democrat. I guess she doesn't think he's a sock-puppet ninny who uses too many words--now.


Kathy said...

She's never read Greenwald's stuff. Just overheard someone in line at Starbucks' mention it.

Susan of Texas said...

We have certainly seen her dislike of working her way through long, complex essays.

brad said...

The curse of the ass-kisser is they always think they can bring you around, because it works on them. FFS, she tried to be nice to me when we exchanged emails via my firemeganmcardle addy.
Either Megan thinks GG's brain is as addled as hers and he'll forget who and what she is because she was nice to him, or she's just renewing her license to indignation. Next time he smacks down a meme she's pushing she can think of him as being rude to her and ignore what he's saying. Especially since he still won't mention or link to her ever again.