Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, July 26, 2010

Supplemental Reading

Because most of Megan McArdle's distrust of Elizabeth Warren comes from Warren's bankruptcy study and because I will be out most of the day, here are links to my assessment of McArdle's earlier posts on that study. Note that in the comments it becomes clear that McArdle either confuses or conflates percentage of bankruptcies with number of bankruptcies. It's really quite remarkable.

From June, 2009: Hacks and Hacks II: The Overreaction.


Ed said...

aimai said...

Ed, that ginandtacos link is priceless. It is, in fact, the golconda of Megan Scholarship, the holy grail, the Red Lobster meal takedown of Megan's work.

Everyone should read it.


Kathy said...

The Bankers and Brokers and other Masters can't find honest and intelligent people to spout their easily disprovable lies, so they make do with ArgleBargle.

Susan of Texas said...

I love that piece, Ed.