Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, July 17, 2010

White On White

Kathryn Jean Lopez twitters:

"john tesh will join me live this hour." best news i've heard on msnbc in a long time.
about 23 hours ago via web

And after that she had a white bread and mayonnaise sandwich and some vanilla pudding and read Chicken Soup For The Bland Soul.


John E. Williams said...

Hi Susan, I finally commented here. I like your site. More please. Love, JW

Anonymous said...

Don't know if the first commenter is being snarky or not (you never know on the internets), but I second his sentiments most sincerely.

This is only my second comment, and again, I'm writing to tell you that your posts make my day.

John E. Williams said...

Anonymous, you have no idea how hilarious that is (and yes I am being sincere).

Anonymous said...

I wrote a simple little post on The New York Times website in response to Mr. Douthat's (ahem) effort.

"You arrogant little Silver Spoon, Frisco-born, New Haven-raised, prep school-educated, lawyer's pup, general little snot. You've never done a day's work in your entire privileged life and now you offer your readers a theory on the suffering of you and your fellow members of the wealthy elite."

Strangely, Mr. Douthat (and/or his nanny) posted and then removed the entry.

To which I respond thusly:

"Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive."

How, I ask the august editors of The New York Times, could anything be more abusive than the arrogant post offered by Mr. Douthat that has inspired these responses?

Mr. Douthat is a child born in the very San Francisco that he and his fellow Conservatives so often scorn.

Mr. Douthat is a child reared in the very New Haven, Conn. of Yale, an institution that Mr. Douthat - in his very own book - and his fellow Conservatives so often castigate.

Mr. Douthat is a child of prep school privilege - the sort of institution that has instilled in lads like Mr. Douthat the very idea that he - and they - are somehow better than the masses based upon their victory in The Gene Pool Lottery.

Mr. Douthat is a child of a lawyer and member of a profession that has centered its efforts on the acquisition of wealth above its duty to the law and the protection of the wealth of its very clients at the expense of the responsibilities of justice, ethics, and responsible behavior.

Mr. Douthat is a child given a series of jobs based upon .... upon, what exactly? Merit, the very sort of merit that Mr. Douthat scorns, could not have been the very motivation for a series of well-placed employers to finance the Douthat foray into punditry.

Experience, the very sort of experience that a youngster like Mr. Douthat lacks, surely was not the motivating factor.

Hard work, perhaps? To which I would respond: the very sort of hard work that Mr. Douthat has performed how? Exactly. Examples, please, and not feeble platitudes and worthless spin.

How could anything be more offensive to more than 325 million Americans than the arrogant, self-centered, myopic attitudes that Mr. Douthat has readily and willingly displayed in this post?

Or will The New York Times simply censor this entry as well?