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Thursday, September 4, 2008

False Alarm Frightens DC Neighborhood

A minor panic was set off in a DC neighborhood today when thick smoke filled a condominium, sparking fears of a fire. Five people called the local fire department to report a strong smell similar to burning rubber, and plumes of smoke escaping the condo windows of Megan McArdle, 35, a writer for The Atlantic On-line.

"It was a false alarm," said fireman Hakeem Blake. "There was no fire, just some smoke that dissipated quickly. The cause is still unclear."

Witnesses to the event said the smoke seemed come from the head of Ms. McArdle.

"This isn't the first time this happened," said one on-looker, a young man who refused to give his name. "I can't believe my luck. You hear rumors but you can't believe everything you hear."

Hospital spokesperson Heather Beale said Ms. McArdle was unhurt by the spontaneous emission of smoke from her head.

"According to the young lady, she was thinking about the presidential race and trying to figure out who to vote for when her brain began to strain and then smoke with the effort. She will not suffer any brain damage from the experience. That's all," Beale said.

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