Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Megan At a Glance

Let's get rid of Megan quickly. I have work to do.

In "Lehman Loses Its Shirt," Megan tells us Lehman lost its shirt, and that it might want a bailout. No, there's nothing else, like analysis. Yes, we knew there wouldn't be any.

In "Future Perfect," Megan demonstrates her love of moral scolding, in this case telling Real America that they'll just have to get used to driving less. It doesn't occur to Megan that when people say the cheap oil party is over, it's over for Megan too, and living in a city itsn't going to save her from suffering. And yes, there will be blood just as much whining from the little miss when the penny finally drops.

In "Housing, Put It Down," Megan tells us that the housing crises is everyone's fault. Yes, regulation is not mentioned.

Megan is controlling her love of sneering at the poor. She only has a few months until the election, and there are talking points to push. Busy, busy.

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